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Restbench stories


When every bench tells a story

Want to hear exciting stories about the charming Tyrolean village of Reith i. A.?
Our new rest benches, which will be available from summer 2024, not only offer a place to rest, but also open the doors to fascinating stories.

These benches are no ordinary resting places. With a little muscle power, you can dive straight into the gripping stories of the Tyrolean holiday resort. A simple crank starts the magic - and the stories begin to flow. These special benches speak not just one, but two languages and are even available in Braille to really take everyone into the world of stories.

A total of five stations in Reith i. A. invite you to take a break - relaxation and listening to stories included. Thanks to their clever positioning along existing paths, they are also easily accessible for everyone, including people with mobility impairments.

Out with a stroller and family? Perfect, because the barrier-free circular trail through Reith i. A. is ideal for leisurely exploring the stories of the place in about 1.5 hours.

Restbench stations

The herb garden

Have you ever wondered why Reith is in such blooming splendour? Could Hildegard von Bingen, the master of medicinal herbs, have something to do with it? In Reith i. A., people celebrate life in harmony with nature, inspired by Hildegard's centuries-old knowledge. But how is this reflected in the daily activities of the people of Reith?

In the magnificent Hildegard von Bingen Garden you will find answers to your questions.

Lake Reith

In summer, the idyllic bathing lake in Reith im Alpbachtal with its cool pirate village is a favourite place for families to swim and splash around.

But did you know that there is a very special legend hidden deep in the lake? 
Listen to our stories at the station by the lake and find out more about the old legends surrounding the lake.

Platform – leaf shaped

From the viewing platform, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the castles and fortresses in the area. Have you already discovered Matzen Castle with its enchanting castle park? The ancient walls of the castle are full of exciting stories. And we'll tell you one of these stories at our rest bench. So listen carefully - a real prince and princess feeling is guaranteed!

Brandach Ski lift


We Tyroleans love the mountains and skiing! Here it's all about our top leisure activities, whether summer or winter. And what plays a central role? That's right, the lifts and cable cars in Reith i. A.! They catapult us straight into adventure up the mountain. Whether you're into leisurely hikes, triumphant summit conquests, exuberant bike tours or speedy descents down the pistes - lifts and gondolas are your ticket to fun.
And you can find out how it all began at the rest bench by the Brandach ski lift.

Hub Chapel

Have you ever seen the ground beneath your feet sparkle in a play of green and blue during a hike on the Reither Kogel?
Where do you think these mysterious treasures come from? Believe it or not, they tell the story of mining on the Reither Kogel, which stretches back thousands of years. Can you imagine that silver and copper were mined here over 3000 years ago? Between the 15th and 19th centuries, this area experienced its mining heyday.
And now? After mining came to an end in the 1970s, what was left behind apart from the memories and hidden treasures such as malachite and azurite that are just waiting to be discovered by you? So keep your eyes open - who knows what treasure is still waiting for you!
You can find out all this and much more exciting information about mining at the rest bench by the Hub Chapel.

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